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FOIA – Freedom of Information Act

Request for Public Document

All requests for public documents shall be made in writing, directed to a FOIA Officer and shall be submitted via personal delivery, mail, fax or email. The Village and Police Department prefers the use of the FOIA Request Form below, but will honor all requests lawfully submitted to the Village or Police Department even if it is not submitted on the attached FOIA Request Form. Any written request submitted to the Village or Police Department for a public record shall be deemed to be a FOIA request and treated accordingly.


The following fees shall apply and shall be payable by the Requestor prior to receiving the requested public documents:

Copies – Legal or Letter Size: $0.15 per page (No charge for first 50 copies)

Copies – Color or Ledger Size: Actual cost of reproduction

Certification: $1.00 per document plus copying costs

Recording Media: Actual cost of media

Mailing: Actual cost of postage

FOIA Officer for Village of Richmond & Richmond Police Department

FOIA Requests for the Village of Richmond can be emailed to Karla L. Thomas, Village Clerk/Collector at or via mail at Village of Richmond, Attn: Karla L. Thomas, 5600 Hunter Drive, Richmond IL 60071. Phone: (815) 678-4040; Fax: (815) 678-2403.

FOIA Requests for the Richmond Police Department can be emailed to the Police Department Records Clerk at or via mail at Richmond Police Department, Attn: Records Clerk, 5600 Hunter Drive, Richmond IL 60071. Phone: (815) 678-4163; Fax: (815) 678-4307.


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