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Elijah A. Bower House

Elijah A. Bower House

5702 South Street

—Written by Gail Drabant

This house is significant architecturally since it has a unique rectangular tower at the intersection of two symmetrical wings. Although there are other houses with towers in Richmond, this house is the only one with this particular variation. The house is located at 5702 South Street.

Elijah Bower came to Richmond in 1856 at the age of 29 and bought a farm on Route 173 in Section 12. The buildings on the land that was his farm have been removed. This house was his home after he moved into town. In 1851, before settling in Richmond, Elijah married Elizabeth Reed, daughter of James Reed of Richmond Township. This explains why he chose Richmond as his home. Elijah and Elizabeth had two children, James Thomas o. T.) and Delia who married James Greer. Elizabeth died in 1885, and in 1889 Elijah married Anna Broadley of the English Prairie settlement in Burton Township.

This house was owned by Elijah Bower for over 20 years. Later James Foster owned the house and in 1929 sold it to John and Bessie Ducey who lived there for several years. The current owners are the Villonts.