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Appearance Review/Regulations

Purpose: The appearance review regulations and procedures are intended to protect, preserve, and
enhance the character and architectural heritage and quality of the Village of Richmond, to protect,
preserve, and enhance property values, and to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the
Village and its residents. The Village Board hereby finds that the appearance review regulations
furthers the following public purposes and is therefore in the best interests of the health,
prosperity, and welfare of the Village and its residents.

A. SPECIAL CHARACTER. To effect and accomplish the protection, enhancement,
perpetuation, and use of improvements and areas of special character or special historic
and aesthetic interest or value which represent or reflect elements of the Village’s
cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history or distinction.

B. LOCAL ATMOSPHERE. To maintain the local, “small town” atmosphere of various
residential and business areas within the Village.

C. COMPATIBILITY. To insure compatibility of new development with the existing
characteristics of the area.

D. TRANSITIONAL AREAS. To protect sensitive areas of transition from one land use to

E. ATTRACTIVENESS. To protect and enhance the Village’s attractiveness to visitors and the
support and stimulus to local business provided thereby.

F. STRONG ECONOMY. To strengthen property values and the economy of the Village.

4.2.2. Scope. All new construction, additions or exterior alterations, all rezoning and Special Use
Permits involving new construction, all new developments under unified control, such as a
Planned Development, and all new construction, additions or alterations in the Historic Overlay
District, shall be subject to the Appearance Review Regulations

Appearance Review shall be required prior to issuing a zoning certificate for any
construction, addition or exterior alteration in the Historic Overlay District.

Please click the button below to begin your appearance review for any alterations in the Historic Overlay District. Your application will be submitted to the Community Development Committee for review within 30-days of the application.