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George Vinton House

George Vinton House

10314 East Street

—Written by Gail Drabant

George Vinton bought the land for this house in 1878 for $500 from C. G. Cotting. The house is located at 10314 East Street. George Vinton was a farming settler. George and his wife Harriet, had one son, J. Howard, and his second wife Minnie, had one child, George, named after his grandfather. The grandson, George, died at the age of 22.

Minnie Vinton remained living in the house after her husband’s death until her death in 1940 at the age of 73. At this point, the house was sold by the estate which went to the Bower family, a nephew of Minnie. It was sold to Dr. Winget, a retired dentist, in 1942. Their daughter, Isabelle, took care of her parents until their death. At that point, she moved to a smaller house two houses to the south of this house.

Dr. Savage, a veterinarian, then bought the house, but did not live there very long as he died in his forties. The next owners were the O’Conner family, an attorney, who then sold this house to the current owner, Jeff Heaney.