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Eldredge Houses

Eldredge Houses

10510 & 10520 Main

—Written by Gail Drabant

There are two houses on the Eldredge property which are located at 10510 and 10520 Main Street. The one to the north is the older Greek Revival house built in the 1850s. Note the characteristic door surround with transom and sidelights. Also, note the triangular pediment gables. There was once a porch on the south side of the house.

The larger Italianate house, to the south, was built circa 1873 by George W. Eldredge. George was the son of Daniel and Samantha Eldredge who were married in 1839 and settled in the northern portion of the Richmond-Mound-Prairie area. George’s brother, Charles, was a Civil War veteran. George’s father, Daniel, left in 1849 for the Gold Rush.

George acquired part of his wealth during the Civil War as a stocktrader. George was a founding member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Along with John McConnell, he started the Richmond Pickle Factory. George’s sons were Earle and Charles. Charles became a prominent Chicago lawyer.

Descendants of the original Eldredge family still live in these houses making this one of the longest durations of continual family-ownership in Richmond.