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Charles Covell House

Charles Covell House

10316 East Street

—Written by Gail Drabant

Charles Covell was a farming settler in Hebron Township just northwest of Richmond on Burgett Road. Charles was born in 1819 and married Phebe Persons. They came to this country in 1861. Charles and Phebe had eight children, but only five reached maturity-of which there were two sons, Lucien Boneparte (L. B.) and Emmett C. Charles was also a carpenter besides his farming interests. L. B. and Emmett both built substantial houses on Broadway Street after moving into town.

This Italianate house was Charles and Phebe’s retirement home after they moved off the farm in the 1880s. They lived in this house until their deaths in 1905. It was then sold to Thomas Williams. Later, the house was owned by the Phillips and then the Katzenbergs. The house is located at 10316 East Street.