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George McConnell House

George McConnell House

5709 George Street

—Written by Gail Drabant

This house was built before the 1880s and is located at 5709 George Street. Although there are several early deeds, the exact building date and original owner has not been determined. The lot and/or house changed hands several times, with the first continuous owners being George and Susan McConnell. Prior owners of this lot included Coe S. Reeder, George Wodell, Amanda Purdy, Daniel Dennison and John Smith. Through inheritance, this house was owned by George McConnell and his descendants for 75 years.

George McConnell was the son of William A. McConnell who was one of the first settlers. George was born in Richmond in 1845. He began teaching at the age of 19 and farmed during the summers. In 1872, at the age of 27 he was given a farm, buildings, stock and a year’s worth of grain by his father. His father made the same gift to his other sons. George and Susan’s children were born on this farm which is directly southwest of Richmond and consists of 520 acres.

George’s father, William, died in 1887. The following summer, in 1888, George purchased this house in town where he spent the last 20 years of his life. After his death in 1908, his son, who was also named William, inherited the house.

In 1962, Frank and Sadie Lasco purchased this house. It was sold in 1986 to Jay and Corinne Spies, and then to Rick and Cindy Carr in 1988. Bob and Kim Williams bought the home in 1995 and still live there today.