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Public Meetings

A. E. Wray House

A. E. Wray House 10310 East Street —Written by Gail Drabant Arch Wray built this Queen Anne house, at 10310 East Street, in 1910. TIlls house is architecturally significant as a Queen Anne house, with detailing consistent with this style, as opposed to other houses built in the same period. It has transitional elements of […]

Available Properties for Sale or Lease

Available Properties for Sale or Lease The Village of Richmond, is pleased to provide the following continuously updated listing of available properties for sale or lease. Verify all information for accuracy. Please contact the Village of Richmond for additional information, or the Village President to discuss any economic development opportunities. Current Available Properties for Sale […]

Building Permits

This process ensures established standards for design and construction are followed by anyone constructing or altering a structure or installing different projects within the community. The building design and construction standards have been created to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community. A contractor must be licensed by the Village of Richmond […]

Business Registration

All businesses within the Village of Richmond are required to register annually before May 1st of each year. Business Registrations received on May 1st will be consider late and the owner shall be required to pay a sum equal to twice the normal registration fee. (See Chapter 21 Business Registration, Section 21.04C of the Richmond Municipal […]


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Charles Covell House

Charles Covell House 10316 East Street —Written by Gail Drabant Charles Covell was a farming settler in Hebron Township just northwest of Richmond on Burgett Road. Charles was born in 1819 and married Phebe Persons. They came to this country in 1861. Charles and Phebe had eight children, but only five reached maturity-of which there […]

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