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Available Properties for Sale or Lease

Available Properties for Sale or Lease The Village of Richmond, is pleased to provide the following continuously updated listing of available properties for sale or lease. Verify all information for accuracy. Please contact the Village of Richmond for additional information, or the Village President to discuss any economic development opportunities. Current Available Properties for Sale […]

Citizens Police Academy

In 1977, a Citizens’ Police School was established in Devon and Cornwall to educate citizen’s interested in the English Police system. The immense response to the program spiraled into a very successful public relations program that continually grows stronger. The concept was soon adopted in the U.S.A. In 1985 the Orlando, Florida Police Department was […]

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement department / Code Official is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of residential and commercial properties based on the International Property Maintenance Code, the Richmond Municipal Code, and/or the Richmond Unified Development Ordinance. Properties are inspected for violations including but not limited to: Decayed or damaged / leaking roofs,broken window glass flaking/peeling paint,units not supplied with […]

Community Development Committee

CDC Agenda CDC Minutes 2019 5-14-2019 CDC Agenda 5-13-2019 Special CDC Agenda 4-16-2019 CDC Agenda Cancelled 3-19-2019 CDC Agenda 2-19-2019 CDC Agenda 1-15-2019 CDC Agenda 2019 3-19-2019 CDC Minutes 2-19-2019 CDC Minutes 1-15-2019 CDC Minutes

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Finance Committee

Finance Agenda Finance Minutes 2019 5-13-2019 Special Finance Agenda 4-29-2019 Special Finance Agenda 4-15-2019 Finance Agenda 4-8-2019 Finance Agenda 4-1-2019 Finance Agenda 3-25-2019 Finance Agenda 3-18-2019 Finance Agenda 3-11-2019 Finance Agenda 3-4-2019 Finance Agenda 2-25-2019 Finance Agenda 2-18-2019 Finance Agenda Cancelled 2-11-2019 Finance Agenda 2-4-2019 Finance Agenda 1-28-2019 Special Finance Agenda Cancelled 1-2-2019 Finance Agenda [...]