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Public Meetings

6.8.3. Sign Control Districts – Historic Overlay Control District

6.8.3. Sign Control Districts – Historic Overlay Control District The Historic Overlay District is comprised of the area defined on Zoning Map, adopted March 18, 1997 as may be amended. The Historic Overlay District has a unique and historic character that is considered to be one of the most important assets of the Historic District […]

A. E. Wray House

A. E. Wray House 10310 East Street —Written by Gail Drabant Arch Wray built this Queen Anne house, at 10310 East Street, in 1910. TIlls house is architecturally significant as a Queen Anne house, with detailing consistent with this style, as opposed to other houses built in the same period. It has transitional elements of […]

Adopted Building Codes

Village of Richmond Adopted Building Codes RICHMOND MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTER 34, BUILDING REGULATIONS CODE ADOPTED The Building Regulations.  The following Codes shall apply to all construction within the Village of Richmond: (Ord. 2016-07) (a) The following list of codes  are hereby adopted as part of the Building Code of the Village of Richmond, for the control […]


Annexation Annexation is the incorporation of contiguous land area into an existing municipality with a resulting change in the corporate boundaries. Although annexations can be accomplished in several different ways, the Village of Richmond typically wishes to use voluntary annexation. There are many benefits to annexing into our wonderful community! A property owner, or group […]

Appearance Review/Regulations

Purpose: The appearance review regulations and procedures are intended to protect, preserve, andenhance the character and architectural heritage and quality of the Village of Richmond, to protect,preserve, and enhance property values, and to promote the health, safety, and welfare of theVillage and its residents. The Village Board hereby finds that the appearance review regulationsfurthers the […]

Available Properties for Sale or Lease

Available Properties for Sale or Lease The Village of Richmond, is pleased to provide the following continuously updated listing of available properties for sale or lease. Verify all information for accuracy. Please contact the Village of Richmond for additional information, or the Village President to discuss any economic development opportunities. Current Available Properties for Sale […]