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Henry Vogel House

Henry Vogel House

Market & Main

—Written by Gail Drabant

This Queen Anne house was the second on this site on the northwest corner of Market and Main Streets in Cotting and Purdy’s addition. The first was built in the 1850s. Earlier names on the associated deeds starting in 1851 were Bromley, Crossman and then Sebley.

This house was built near the turn-of-the-century by Henry and Mary Rehorst. In 1926, Nellie Rehorst, their daughter, sold this house to Henry and Sylvia Vogel. Sylvia Vogel and Nellie Rehorst were sisters. The Vogel family lived there for several years until 1960, when the Haraldsen’s purchased the home.

This house is an excellent example of Queen Anne architecture with the asymmetrical tower, gable ornamentation, cross-gabled roof and the porch with its triangular pediment roof over the entrance. Note the similarities in architectural style of this house to the Frank McConnell and the Emmett Covell houses on Broadway Street.