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Broadway Street Parking Lot Improvements

Exciting news! The long awaited Broadway Parking Lot expansion plans are completed! Village engineers have released the design proposal below and the project is officially open for bid. Prospective bidders may follow the directions below to obtain proposal forms.



Description of Work: The proposed improvements are located at the Village owned property at 5627 Broadway Street, Richmond, Illinois.  The proposed improvements consist of new HMA parking Lot construction, concrete curb, site grading, landscaping, lighting, and other miscellaneous items of work necessary to complete the improvements. 

Information for Bidders: Plans and proposal forms will be available to prospective bidders by contacting Baxter & Woodman (815) 444-4436 (contact – Cassie Cruise – for access information to BHFX online plan room, where documents can be obtained upon a non-refundable payment of $125 (printed) or $50 (electronic download only).