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Village of Richmond Announces $560 Thousand in Funding to Improve Aging Water Infrastructure


March 16, 2022



Village of Richmond Announces $560 Thousand in Funding to Improve Aging Water Infrastructure

Richmond – Today, the Village of Richmond announced it will be receiving $560,800 in federal funding to improve two aging water towers. This funding was secured by Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14) through a new federal Community Project Funding initiative for Fiscal Year 2022 that allowed Underwood to request direct funding for projects that address some of the most pressing needs throughout northern Illinois. This project was included among nine others to support our community.

“The funding secured by Representative Underwood will allow the Village of Richmond to complete an essential rehabilitation project for our water utility system without needing to put the burden on our residents during a period of uncertainty, job insecurity and change,” said Village President Toni Wardanian. “We are so grateful for the communication, guidance and care that both Rep. Underwood and her office provided us during this process. Opportunities like this do not usually come to small towns of 2,000 residents likes ours, and the consideration of the Congresswoman during this process shows that we truly have a representative for the people in IL-14. “

“Infrastructure in Illinois has suffered a systemic lack of investment. I’m proud to have secured funding to restore Richmond’s aging water towers to protect the health and safety of Richmond residents,” said Rep. Underwood.

This funding would be used to rehabilitate two aging water towers, which serves the residents of the Village of Richmond. Recent inspections of the towers revealed blight and decaying conditions that potentially pose a threat to public health and safety; therefore, restoration is critical and an appropriate use of taxpayer funds. Further delay in the water tower restoration could result in water quality violations and service disruptions, which may impact emergency fire department water supply.

Representative Underwood helped secured funding for 9 other projects that will directly benefit the 14th district. Learn more about the additional projects at