Hydrant Flushing Tuesday June 13th-Monday June 19th. Effective May 2nd Sticker prices increase... Vehicles-$26.00, Motorcycles-$13.00, Senior Late-$18.75. On July 1st fees double original price!! Vehicles-$40.00, Motorcycles-$20.00, Seniors-$30.00.

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Village President

Craig Kunz
Village President

Richmond, the Village of Yesteryear, was first settled in 1837 by William McConnell, who staked his claim to land just west of the present village on what is now Broadway Street. He spent his first night here under an oak tree which still stands today. Charles Noyes arrived later that year, building a log house half a mile to the east. Noyes named the new village Montelona, but later moved to Wisconsin, selling his claim to Theodore Purdy. (Read more...)

Anyone wishing to electronically communicate with the elected officials of the Village Richmond can do so by clicking on the link: richmond@richmond-il.com. The Village President can be contacted at villagepresident@richmond-il.com.

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Events You Shouldn't Miss! Date
Hydrant Flushing June 13, 2017—June 16, 2017
Life Line Screening June 22, 2017—June 22, 2017
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