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Police Commission

5600 Hunter Drive, Richmond IL  60071
Non Emergency Phone: (815) 678-2351     
Fax: (815) 678-4307
McHenry County Sherriff Dispatch Non-Emergency Phone: (815) 338-2144.
All Emergencies Dial "911" Be sure to visit us on our Facebook page!

Our Motto "Providing Quality Service" leads to The Mission of the Richmond Police Department. The departments mission is to improve the quality of life for the citizens and business community of the Village of Richmond by provision of the highest quality of police services. The police department will maintain respect for human rights; will promote mutual respect and courtesy, and work to build strong, effective, mutually beneficial police-community relations and partnerships.

The Richmond Police organizational values are partnership, encouragement, integrity and dedication. We remain committed to working on partnerships with the community and with each other to clearly identify and resolve issues that impact public safety. We encourage the active participation and input from all levels of our organization as well as participation from ALL individual residents, citizens, business interests and visitors of the Village of Richmond. We are committed to nurturing public trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We dedicate ourselves to professional law enforcement and public service through an open system of communication, community partnerships, improved and professional department management, enhanced operational procedures, overall problem solving methods, and overall community inputs and strategies.