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Richmond's Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall, The Heart of the Community

For over 100 years the Memorial Hall building has been a hub around which community life in the Village of Richmond has revolved. Built as a result of the foresight of Charles DeWitt McConnell. He recognized and memorialized not only the importance of belonging to a community, but also in being an active participant in it; and so the building has carried a civic spirit that still shines today. Over the years Memorial Hall was the community government center, the police department, library, and high school gym. The auditorium was home to resident theatre groups such as The J. B. Rotnour Players and Soraya's School of Dance and Theatre.

The building's original ticket office remains in the front foyer as do the two stairways leading up to the balcony. The stage looks over the auditorium which holds a capacity of 175 to 200 persons. All the characteristics of the original theatre-boom in early Richmond are still visible inside the building.

The building is currently available for business, theatre and private party functions. To reserve Memorial Hall, please contact Village Hall at 815-678-4040 for further information. Upcoming events can be found under the "Events" link.

Donations to help restore the building are also being taken. Checks should be made payable to Richmond Memorial Restoration Fund and sent to Village Hall at 5600 Hunter Drive, Richmond, Illinois 60071.

Memorial Hall Stage Memoria Hall Stage